» Electrical Services

Mega Systems also makes electrical repairs for wiring and installs new wiring for commercial buildings and homes. We handle office fit outs and wiring upgrades. If you want to save money on your energy bill but aren’t sure what to do, we offer energy saving consultations. Finally, fire alarm systems should be in working order to ensure the safety of your family and belongings. Find out more details about our electrical services below.

New Home Design and Wiring:

When a home is brand new, electrical wires need to be installed to get lights and other electronic appliances and devices working. We put in all wiring for the entire building.

New Commercial Building Design and Wiring:

Businesses can require a complex system of wiring to run all their business operations. We can handle any set up from small stores to large offices and warehouses.

Office Fit Outs:

When you gain new employees, upgrade phone or internet systems, and require new electronic equipment, electrical outlets, or other electric needs, we can fit out the office to ensure you have enough outlets, cords, and fuse boxes to keep everything functioning smoothly.

Wiring Upgrades:

As wires age and technology advances, upgrades will help you stay current and provide energy efficient methods of electricity. This will also prevent any fuses from shorting out or exposed wires causing a fire hazard.

Energy Saving Consultation:

If you know your home or business could save on energy costs but aren’t sure what to change, Mega Systems offers consultations. We will determine the best energy saving solutions for you.

Fire Alarm Systems:

Important for your safety and the safety of your property, fire alarm systems alert you of dangerous smoke before a fire claims your belongings. These systems can be customized for the number of rooms and floors in the building.

Energy Management:

We can help you find ways to use less energy in your home or business by turning off lights when not in use and other ways to lower your costs.