» Petroleum Services

Since 1986, Mega Systems has established itself as an industry leader for on-site and personal safety along with our commitment to quality.  Mega Systems specializes in all elements of Fuel Storage/Dispensing and Maintenance.  Independently, and in recognition of this commitment, Mega Systems has been awarded “Contractor of the Year” by Exxon Mobile. Also accompanying this award was the “Ten Year Safety” award. 

Petroleum Tank Care:

Mega Systems takes care of your petroleum tank by inspecting it and the heating equipment before and during the heating season,  checking the outside for rust, inspecting the vent and fill pipes after each fill, removing debris, leveling the land underneath it, refilling the tank, and more.

Gas Tanks:

Meta Systems also service gas tanks by sealing off any leaks, refilling them, monitoring them for any potential hazards, and any other service you may need.

Gas Monitoring:

We also monitor gas to make sure it does not get stale, checking for leaks, ensuring proper distribution, and addressing and safety issues.

Charge Systems:

We also install, service, and repair oil charge systems. These can double your oil change intervals and increase the efficiency of any petroleum operation.

Gas Station Fit Outs and Refurbishments:

We can fit out gas stations with pumps, fuel supply, hoses, and more. We also refurbish gas station areas and components that have become outdated and need updating and repair.

Full Custom Design Services:

We can custom design any petroleum system or component to fit the needs of your business. Bring us a detailed design or work with our team to finalize the perfect design for you.