» Plumbing Services

Mega Systems installs plumbing for new home and commercial building design. We also make plumbing repairs and upgrades. Technology changes frequently, so updating and upgrading your plumbing system might be a good idea. We offer free estimates and consultations about how to use less water and prevent costly repairs. Find out the details of our plumbing services below.

New Home Design and Installation:

It’s essential to install plumbing in new homes including toilets, sinks, kitchen sinks, showers, tubs, laundry tubs, and outdoor hoses. We complete all plumbing in new homes.

New Commercial Building Design and Installation:

Plumbing for commercial buildings is essentially the same as residential, but on a larger scale. There can be some added needs as well such as commercial dishwashers and sinks at restaurants, drain systems for cleaning buckets, and break room sinks for example.

Plumbing Upgrades:

If it’s time to install new plumbing fixtures in your home or business, Mega Systems can handle that as well. We can upgrade the type of pipes, how much water the tanks use or hold, and put on new faucets.

General Household and Commercial Repairs:

If you experience a leak, broken pipe, clogged drain, or other general repair, our plumbers will come out and fix it to get everything up and running again.