» Solar Services

Not only do we have the expertise to repair your electrical problems; we can work with our customers and identify cost savings by suggesting the solar options available. Mega Systems was the first company in the Cayman Islands to offer Solar Solutions to our residents and businesses. 
Call us for a consultation so you can find out what solar options are available for your home or business and start saving money as well as lowering your carbon footprint.

Solar (PV):

Mega Systems installs solar panels on the roofs of homes and businesses. This can allow the building to run entirely on solar power or partially on solar power. We ensure the panels will work even on cloudy and stormy days. These are flat, blue panels with several reflective squares on them that are placed all over your roof to absorb energy from the sun and transfer it into electricity for appliances and lighting.

Solar LED Lighting:

Solar LED lighting with self-contained batteries is the cutting edge in electricity technology. This lighting can be installed anywhere and across any amount of space with no wires, no trenching, and no additional transformer installations. The panels are connected to batteries that regulate output. This type of lighting is nearly maintenance free and reliable.

Solar Hot Water Heaters:

Mega Systems installs, repairs, and services solar water heaters.  These heaters are placed outside the home and use the sun’s rays to heat water for showers, dishwashing, washing your hands, and laundry. They warm only the amount of water you need and can save you a lot on your water bill.

Solar Ventilation:

Solar powered ventilation is often placed in the attic. They use energy from the sun to operate and require no additional electricity, saving you up to $180 per year. These ventilators operate without fuel, waste, or pollution. They are small and do not take up a lot of space.